How often should people be having sex?

So, how often should people be having sex? According to a recent study published in Science Daily from the University of Toronto-Mississauga, to be happy together, couples should have sex once a week. The results of this study were the same for men and women, young and old, and for long and short-term relationships. If the sex happens less often than weekly, happiness declines. However, despite the stubbornly staying ‘axiom’ that more sex will increase satisfaction, these researchers found that doing it more often than once a week doesn’t make us any happier. In fact, when we have sex more often, both our desire to have sex as well as our overall enjoyment of sex tends to wane - yearning for and the tingling of the anticipation of sexual activity are in and of themselves highly rewarding.

Then why do we long for more sex? And if everyone truly wants to screw longer and more often, well, why don’t they?
The normal desire for “more” can be driven by fantastical expectations fed by societal pressure. We strive to be more, do more, and have more, clinging to an invention of idyllic achievements.
Also, when we enjoy doing something we long for it to continue – for sustained euphoria. Avoid the perpetual disappointment from which so many couples suffer by being realistic about your expectations, sexual and otherwise. Desire often overestimates appetite, and passion is more steadfast than drive.